The international experience in combination with the company’s concentration on specific practice areas are services requested by companies interested in growth by new products or markets, organizations in need of change management and businesses looking for expansion either as seller or purchaser in a non-organic growth manner through an acquisition or merger.


We have experience in the following industries:

Medical Devise, Renewable Energy, Asset Financial Services, Project Finance Services and Automobile Finance.

Business Development

Business development through growth including product development or fine tuning existing products to be more efficient and/or profitable. Establishing and infiltrating new markets is also an area where the company has demonstrated large competence as well as finding funding/equity for the growth.

M&A - Mergers and Acquisition



M&A including reviewing the spectrum of potential buyers/sellers, analyzing the target objects, supporting the review phase and due diligence including being an intermediary for finalizing the negotiations. Closely related is also looking for collaborating partners or licensing products.

Strategic turn around

Strategic turn around including strategic planning as a tool combined with leadership to organize a restructure, also known as change management. Turn around is another aspect of change management that we specialize in, specifically the process for moving an organization from not profitable to profitable growth and from a disorganized structure to an aligned and efficient team.

Finding funding/equity



ConPlement has coached many companies to be investor ready resulting successfully for several companies to find capital/funding and have many investor contacts in different business fields. ConPlement can be a sounding board for improvements of your IMS (Investor Memorandum Summary) and corporate presentation, also act as a trainer for making the pitch.

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